10-Month old baby weighs like a 9-year-old child

"I thought it was because I had good breast milk", Isabel said, adding it was later revealed her son was suffering from a rare weight gain condition that has the baby now dwarf his brother Mario, who is almost three years old. The baby's mother Isabel Pantoja, 24, from Colima, Mexico, expressed her concerns Sunday as she spoke to Daily Mail about her son's condition that has left the doctors baffled.

Experts fear Luis Manuel may have a disease called Prader-Willi Syndrome - which leaves children with an insatiable appetite.

Isabel Pantoja, 24, holds Luis as they head towards the hospital for his medical check-up in Mexico on November 9, 2017. By ten months, he had reached 62 pounds, baffling doctors. Over the next eight months he gained a staggering 18 kilos.

She and her husband Mario are constantly taking him to the hospital for tests and have opened a dedicated bank account for friends and family to donate money into to help with the high medical care costs.

The family, of Tecoman, Mexio, said Luis was born weighing about 8 lbs., and that they began noticing his rapid weight gain when he was about one month old. Also, his parents can barely carry him around, so they need to take turns when they need to hold him.

Now he has to go to the hospital as many as four times a week for tests.

His family said one-day his pram collapsed due to Luis's hefty sizet.

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"It hurts to watch the nurses search among the rolls of fat on his arms for a vein", father Mario Gonzales said.

The excess weight means he cannot walk or even crawl and can only sit upright.

His mum said she is exhausted by carrying him so much, and she fears his life his in danger.

Their son's case is reportedly now in the hands of surgeon Silvia Orozco, who recently conducted a thorough examination on him.

She has a theory that Luis Manuel's condition may have been caused by a lack of nutrients during Pantoja's pregnancy. She is waiting for results, but is hopeful that hormone injections might help the child's condition.

A number of doctors believe Luis may be suffering from Prader-Willi syndrome, a complex genetic disorder that is caused by the loss of function of specific genes.

If that turns out to be the case, the prognosis is good and would involve hormone shots.

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