UA Graduate Students Join National Walkout Protesting Tax Bill

Graduate students rally against the proposed GOP tax reform bill at Union Square in the Manhattan borough of New York City New York U.S. Nov. 29 2017

Graduate students rally against the proposed GOP tax reform bill at Union Square in the Manhattan borough of New York City New York U.S. Nov. 29 2017

The Senate proposal would keep tuition waivers tax free, but the proposal to tax the waivers could reappear as Congress tries to reconcile plans from the two chambers.

He pays $250 a month for a two-bedroom apartment he shares with two other graduate students. Instead, they took to the streets to protest provisions in the proposed tax legislation passed by House Republicans earlier this month.

"This would leave many of us broke and in debt", Clinton said.

"You are going from a situation where these people are recognized as being below the poverty line", Gardner said, "and putting them in a way where they're being taxed 10 or even 15 percent".

Compensation for graduate work in the form of tuition waivers would be taxed-a move also consistent with the broader aim of tax reform. She would go from paying $2,334 in federal income taxes to paying $7,488.

The House aims to "simplify" the individual tax credits and deductions created to assist citizens in affording a postsecondary education. "Public policy should align and invest in our public goods". Carney said in order for something to change, the University must stand up against the proposed tax changes for the sake of future higher education. Now the rule of thumb is the recommendation that you give to prospective PhD students: "If they have to pay tuition and they're not being paid a living stipend, they should not enter the PhD program". They are part of the package of pursuing graduate education and an essential reason why anyone can afford graduate school at all. It is unlikely that I will take any more classes while at Yale.

UC President Janet Napolitano and student Regent Paul Monge, also a graduate student at UC Berkeley, issued a joint statement this week opposing the proposal to tax tuition waivers. It would be preposterous to bill us for this - akin to asking medical residents to pay the hospital for the right to train there. In many graduate programs, Ph.D. candidates work for universities.

"My group's research is primarily funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)". We should have strong unions and high labor standards so that you don't have to go to college to get a degree. The University of Minnesota is a central hub for top research in this field. Yale, for example, charges the public an additional 67.5 percent "overhead" fee on grants that faculty bring in. "We must do everything in our power to stop this tuition tax and demand that Congress kill this bill!" At a recent town hall here on campus with a lawyer from the university general counsel's office, someone asked why the school didn't just declare tuition to be $0.

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"It's income that we never see, it never passes through our hands".

I'm not a tax lawyer, so I can't speak to the truth of this assertion by my employer. "We have to have graduate students".

"It could well make the difference between making college possible and making it unaffordable", Chodzko-Zajko said.

In addition to still being able to provide aid to grad students through scholarships that are untaxed, universities would likely still have a pool of students serving as teaching assistants in order to benefit from housing stipends, which are already considered taxable income under current law. "It's all handled by the university", Kelly explained.

Graduate Students and supporters gather on the Pentacrest. This tuition transfer certainly totals in the millions every year for Yale alone, and must add up to a mind-boggling sum across the country. If they are unable to attract enough graduate students to help with teaching and need to hire more-experienced teachers, the cost of instruction will increase. Under the plan, graduate student tuition remission and stipends would be taxed. What we do is valuable and necessary.

As one graduate student told The New York Times, the House tax overhaul would "decimate American competitiveness" and "hurt college students".

Adding all these facts up leads to a disturbing conclusion. Once the Senate bill passes, lawmakers will have to reach an agreement for a final bill.

When a graduate student works as a research assistant, the University covers the cost of the student's tuition and that money is not counted as taxable income; in exchange, the student performs research relevant to their work.

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