Rick Pitino sues University of Louisville Athletic Association

Rick Pitino sues University of Louisville Athletic Association

Rick Pitino sues University of Louisville Athletic Association

Former Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino has filed a federal lawsuit against the University of Louisville Athletic Association.

The ULAA fired the Hall of Fame coach on October 16, weeks after he was placed on leave when Louisville acknowledged it was being investigated in a federal bribery probe of college basketball. The veteran coach had more than $40 million remaining on his contract, running through the 2025-26 season, but removing him for cause took away any potential buyout.

One, the association effectively fired Pitino in September 2017 by placing him on indefinite administrative leave, locking him out of his office, taking away email access, and dismissing him from all duties. It says Pitino should have been given 10 days' notice and an opportunity to be heard, as specified in his contract.

The Athletics Association fired Pitino with cause meaning they did not have to pay out his contract.

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Pitino is claiming the ULAA must pay $4.3 million a year through 2026.

The university is aware of the lawsuit but does not comment on ongoing litigation, spokesman John R. Karman III said.

U of L cited the pay-for-play scheme exposed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as one reason for firing him. The next day, Louisville interim President Greg Postel placed Pitino on unpaid leave and athletic director Tom Jurich on paid administrative leave. However, Adidas recently saidthere was evidence that was "proof of Pitino's involvement in the scheme" as a counter to the coach's lawsuit against the shoe company.

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