Bungie Confirms Destiny 2's Crimson Days Event

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News Destiny 2

If you missed Crimson Days in vanilla Destiny, it was a special event that added a new PvP mode, along with new ghosts, sparrows, and weapon ornaments that you could win by grinding or just splashing some cash on special engrams.

While some players have expressed excitement over the event's potential return, others are not getting quite as hyped as they are hinting that more items could just be sold via microtransactions during the event.

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Destiny 2's Dawning event may not yet be over, but it appears that the multiplayer shooter is preparing for its next holiday-themed activity. Cozmo simply responded, "The rumors are True". Bungie community manager Chris "Cozmo23" Shannon then confirmed the news on Reddit. There's been no word from Bungie on the rumored return of Crimson Days. It won't be the same as last time (2016). The usage of past tense is because Bungie cancelled the seasonal event previous year to give the development team additional time to work on Destiny 2. "We will talk about how it is changing in the blog update on Thursday". With the sequel out and running, there is no reason why the event should still be locked away. Barrett previously said that the controversial Eververse store would be part of the discussion moving forward. Mayhem made a return for the Dawning event, so it's not insane to think that this new event will bring with it a new game mode, although that would be an odd message for Bungie to send, linking a free-for-all game type with a holiday that is supposed to be about couples.

In the original "Destiny", the "Crimson Days" event allowed players to take on new quests and earn some Valentine's Day-themed loot.

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