Fired Google engineer James Damore sues company

White male conservatives have it out for Google. Sean Gallup  Getty Images

White male conservatives have it out for Google. Sean Gallup Getty Images

The 161-page complaint filed Monday on behalf of James Damore and another former Google engineer depicts Google as an elitist company that shuns employees who dare to deviate from a liberal agenda embraced by its management and most of its workforce.

The class action suit is the brainchild of James Damore, who Google fired previous year after he penned a 10-page screed suggesting that women are "neurotic" and under-employed in the tech industry because of "biological" reasons.

Damore in the memo also criticized the company's continued push for diversity, and advocated for a fairer approach to the evaluation of each employee's skillsets individually.

White male conservatives have it out for Google. "Within his lawsuit, Damore further insists that the company "[shames] Google business units for failing to achieve numerical gender parity", and his attorneys characterize him as "surprised" by Google's reaction to his manifesto. Women at Google, Uber, Twitter Inc. and Microsoft Corp. are seeking class-action status in lawsuits accusing those companies of favoring men for promotions in engineering roles.

After Damore's memo went public and he lost his job, the internet joined in a good ol' fashioned pile-on, informing Damore that if he felt alienated, it was likely less to do with being conservative or white or male, and more for being giant asshat who believed (and proudly shared his beliefs) that women were biologically unfit for jobs in tech.

According to a report in ReCode, Damore, in his lawsuit filed in a California court on January 8, said that Google "ostracized, belittled and punished" him and a fellow plaintiff.

In the complaint, filed in California court, Damore contends that Google "ostracized, belittled and punished" him and a fellow plaintiff, and that he and others who share his views at Google long have been "singled out, mistreated, and systematically punished and terminated from Google, in violation of their legal rights".

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In an exclusive interview with FOX Business' Charles Payne, Damore said Google continuously discriminates against conservatives and white men creating a toxic environment that is detrimental to its employees.

The other bloke in the suit was David Gudeman who was sacked in 2016 after making comments about a Muslim colleague that implied he could be a terrorist because he had just visited Pakistan.

It's an unjust world for conservative white males, say two who filed a lawsuit against Google Monday.

Conservatives working at Google reported Leftists who were using discriminatory language and making brash and defamatory remarks about Conservatism and Republicans, but Google's human resources department made excuses for the Leftist Liberals, using mental gymnastics to defend the harassment coming from the Left.

Google regularly releases a "comprehensive and robust analysis of pay across genders".

A source familiar with Google's hiring committees told Breitbart News that diversity is used as a "joker card if a URM [underrepresented minority] candidate review starts going bad".

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