Motorola presents new mod to check vital signs

Motorola presents new mod to check vital signs

Motorola presents new mod to check vital signs

Results of the company's Moto Mods Developer Program, they are the Lenovo Vital Moto Mod for checking vital signs and the Livermorium Slider Keyboard.

Alongside the keyboard mod, Motorola also announced a new Lenovo Vital Moto Mod, which can measure heart rate, respiratory rate, Pulse Ox, core body temperature, and systolic and diastolic blood pressure from your finger. It's a slide-out keyboard reminiscent of the old days, and it gives you the ability to tilt the screen 60 degrees. Irwin Gross, Executive Chairman and founder at Vital USA Inc., said, "The finger cuff blood pressure functionality and the direct integration with the cloud make it an exceptionally powerful and attractive mobile device for multiple markets". The Mod clips onto your Moto Z without covering up the back-facing camera, so can still snap photos even if the Mod is clipped on. The product will come to market later this winter as part of Motorola's accelerator programme, for a cost of Dollars 99. As consumers become increasingly more health conscious the Vital Moto Mod saves time and money, streamlining the vitals measurement process and effectively replacing five discreet devices with one.

Moto, the sub-brand of Lenovo, is putting all its efforts in expanding its Moto Mods portfolio.

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The Lenovo Vital Moto Mod is going to be available for pruchase starting April 1st.

This may be one of the greatest ways to keep track of what your body is doing, especially if you already have a history of health issues. It's a pretty serious device and the $395 price tag reflects this.

"Through this collective brainpower, our moto mod universe expanded". With the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple wants users to experience the standalone features of a wearable which in general, are rendered useless if you forget your smartphone at somewhere else.

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