New Dell Mobile Connect software brings your mobile apps to PCs

New Dell Mobile Connect software brings your mobile apps to PCs

New Dell Mobile Connect software brings your mobile apps to PCs

If Dell can expose this feature to more users, that's a great thing for its computers' usability (though users will still have to install a companion app on their phone).

The Dell Mobile Connect Android app is now available in the Google Play Store and as soon as you get a new compatible Dell PC, you can start using it. It's similar to how an iPhone can be synchronized with other Apple devices like Macs and iPads to send notifications.

Once you pair your phone to your Dell PC, you can customize which app notifications will appear in your Windows-based OS. The takeaway? Literally anything you can do on your phone, you can do on your laptop using the phone, but on the laptop display with keyboard and mouse input.

Dell isn't quite the first PC manufacturer to ship an app like this.

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According to Dell, Mobile Connect provides a complete wireless integration between your Android devices and your PC. Over the past decade or so, though, Dell's enterprise business began adopting services to make its hardware more appealing to customers. With an LG V30 smartphone connected to Dell's new XPS 13 (2018 model), we were able to make a hands-free phone call, participate in a Skype call, and fiddle with Google Maps.

Microsoft had earlier launched this feature calling it as "Continuum" with its latest Operating System Windows 10 which helps users to send and receive calls and texts from their PC also.

You'll need to hover over a Dell Mobile Connect notification to reveal its contents, for privacy's sake.

"Your connection is only accessible on the PC when you are present and the communication remains secure through a point-to-point connection, never going through the internet or Wi-Fi routers", Dell said on its website. Both solutions argued, though, that the phone should be your primary means of interacting with the world, and that PC-like functions could be handled by the phone.

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