Shocking claim about Michelle Williams' pay for movie reshoot

That would add up to $800 at the end of the 10-day shoot which is 0.04 % the salary her co-star made for his work on the film

That would add up to $800 at the end of the 10-day shoot which is 0.04 % the salary her co-star made for his work on the film

The film had to be largely reshot after director Ridley Scott cut Kevin Spacey out of the film in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations against the actor late past year.

When the reshoots were announced, director and producer Ridley Scott publicly stated that he and the key cast members (not including Plummer) made a decision to forego additional payment for the reshoots.

Pay discrepancies are sadly nothing new in the entertainment business, or anywhere really, but they rarely get this egregious.

She stressed she was prepared to sacrifice both her holidays and pay given the situation, but Williams is understood to have thought everyone was donating their time for the reshoots.

Ridley Scott had insisted that he refused to take money for the extra work, and that the core cast were on a minimum "per diem" rate.

Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams at the premiere of All The Money In The World.

Sounds like Michelle Williams wasn't getting All The Money In The World for the film's reshoots after the whole Kevin Spacey debacle.

Williams said in multiple interviews while promoting the film that she had agreed to work for free on the reshoot, claiming she felt invigorated to be taking a pro-active stance in the wake of the Spacey allegations while helping Scott save the film. "Because I appreciated so much that they were making this massive effort".

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There's been no comment forthcoming thus far from any of those involved in the story.

So when Scott chose to reshoot, Williams said she was happy to give up her cozy planned Thanksgiving.

- Melissa Silverstein (@melsil) January 9, 2018 I heard for the reshoot she got $80 a day compared to his MILLIONS.

In November, The Washington Post reported that Mark Wahlberg was being paid "at least $US2 million ($A2.56 million) for the approximately 10 days of work, according to a person familiar with the negotiations who was not authorised to speak about them publicly".

All The Money In The World was nominated for three Golden Globes (Best Supporting Actor for Christopher Plummer, Best Director for Ridley Scott and Best Performance by an Actress for Michelle Williams) but didn't win any at the awards on Monday.

Just a day after many in Hollywood stood together and called for gender equality, it was claimed that Mark's agents negotiated him a $1.5 million fee (£1.1 million) for returning to Europe over Thanksgiving weekend to reshoot the film and replace the disgraced actor Kevin Spacey, who had been accused of sexual harassment and assault of young teenage boys.

Burke, an activist from Harlem, launched the #MeToo movement a decade ago to aid underprivileged women of color affected by sexual abuse.

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