White House aide escorted out by security after CNN interview



Tapper told Miller during the interview that he was being "obsequious" and that he was performing for an "audience of one", referring to the president.

"The segment was over and Mr. Miller was politely asked to leave the set multiple times-after refusing to leave, he was escorted out by security", the source said.

In the predictable finale to Sunday's debacle, Miller sat down with Fox News' Tucker Carlson on Monday night to deny the most embarrassing element of the story - that he was escorted off set - and to continue trashing CNN.

The Late Show host mocked Miller, who he called a "shaved Pauly Shore", for telling Tapper that President Trump is a "political genius".

"A source at @CNN re the Stephen Miller interview with @jaketapper on @CNNSotu", Farhi wrote. As Miller tried to defend Trump and refute the portrayal of him in the book, Tapper said, 'There is one viewer that you care about right now.

White House senior adviser Stephen Miller. Continuing the drama, Miller reportedly also had to be escorted out of the studio by security after ignoring several polite requests to leave.

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"Some programs on CNN have become borderline unwatchable due to their hatred of this administration".

He compared questions of his mental fitness, raised by Wolff's book, to that of President Ronald Reagan, who had suffered from Alzheimer's disease toward the end of his presidency.

This comes after Miller got into a heated exchange with Tapper during a guest appearance on his show.

"You should be ashamed of yourself, honestly", Miller said.

The two talked over and past each other before Tapper cut off the interview, stating he has "wasted enough of my viewers' time". "This is about human nature".

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