Google developing subscription-based game streaming service called Yeti



Google's Nexus Player from 2014 was the company's most recent attempt to do anything that approached a home gaming console.

Google has codenamed the service "Yeti".

If there's one big massive company to be able to start their own game streaming service from the ground up, it would definitely be Google.

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Google could be about to branch out into a field that the American firm is yet to dominate: video games.

The idea is that with today's faster internet speeds, Google could host games on servers in the cloud and send graphical data to an individual, thereby significantly reducing the amount of computing power a person would need to have if they tried to do the same thing locally. A new Google-branded game-streaming console could prove to be immensely popular and challenge established players such as Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. The company is developing a subscription-based game streaming service that could work either on Google's Chromecast or possibly a Google-made console still being developed, according to people with knowledge of the project. Yeti also includes a hardware controller used to play the games, developed by Google's hardware team. The project is being led by two Google hardware executives-Mario Queiroz, VP of product management, and Majd Bakar, VP of engineering-so if this ever sees the light of day, new hardware seems likely. One's mobile device could work out just as well too, but a controller could be much easier to use while playing.

Detailed in a report from The Information, Yeti was reportedly scheduled for release in late 2017, but for unknown reasons, the launch date has apparently been pushed back. In addition, Google recently hired Phil Harrison, a veteran of the video game industry with experience in leading both the PlayStation and Xbox systems.

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