The auto SpaceX sent towards Mars takes a wrong turn

Rivalry or Bromance? Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos Tweet Each Other Ahead of Falcon Heavy Launch

Rivalry or Bromance? Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos Tweet Each Other Ahead of Falcon Heavy Launch

For now, we can only thank Elon Mask and the Falcon Heavy for ferrying our dreams into the depths of space.

It's a happy day for SpaceX CEO Elon Musk as the agency has successfully launched the much awaited, the most robust, Falcon Heavy on a journey to Mars. I want to also applaud Musk's ability to capture the public's attention and imagination. SpaceX launched the Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket now in use, on February 6, 2018 from Cape Canaveral as hundreds of thousands of people gathered from around the world to witness a part of history. These engines are said to be more powerful, reliable, and efficient than their predecessors, but even with these advancements, Musk's new platform will require 31 of them to get the behemoth into the sky. Two of the three first-stage boosters flew back for side-by-side landings; the third was lost at sea.

According to SpaceX, the BFR will be capable of transporting as many as 100 people, along with all the necessary supplies and gear, to locations as far away as Mars. The Heavy lifted off from the same spot as NASA's now-retired but more powerful Saturn V moon rockets and space shuttles. It has many private-sector uses, including communications satellites.

Falcon Heavy, which was lifted off from the same launch pad that NASA used for the Apollo 11 mission, has the capacity to lift almost 64 metric tons into space. Scholars have debated the reasons that made humans go "out of Africa", and some have mentioned an "exploration gene" that some humans carry: The same one that pushes people to climb Everest just "because it's there."Until a few years ago, landing on Mars seemed like a nice futuristic dream, hindered by experts repeating how hard and costly it would be". Two boosters on the rocket successfully landed right side up, although the core stage missed its drone-ship landing pad and hit the ocean at 300 miles per hour (480 km/h), SpaceX said in a press conference Tuesday following the launch.

Crew Dragon will launch on a Falcon 9, the rocket SpaceX has flown since 2010.

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In the meantime, with the Heavy demo out of the way, Musk said SpaceX is putting its commercial crew effort for NASA front and center.

If the Falcon Heavy is big, the Big Falcon Rocket promises to be huge.

A toy auto mounted inside a 3D model of a Falcon Heavy payload fairing.

"I think the new architecture, the BFR architecture, is the way to go", he said. Two of the three boosters made it back to Earth and landed simultaneously, in a technological ballet so attractive that many conspiracy theorists said it could not be real.

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