Matthew McConaughey congratulates Eagles QB, Austinite Nick Foles

Jason Kelce Super Bowl Speech Tweets

Jason Kelce Super Bowl Speech Tweets

The Oscar-winning actor purchased a full page ad in Sunday's edition of the Austin American-Statesmen to commemorate Nick Foles - a fellow local of the central Texas city - after he led the Philadelphia Eagles to the first Super Bowl title in franchise history. Tom Brady spent much time before the game dealing with things people were saying about his kids. Obviously, do they win? There was a sense of business-as-usual for the Pats, who were playing in their eighth Super Bowl in 17 years.

Johnson went on to say that the way the Patriots deal with the media is a reflection of this idea. Hell yes, they win.

"It's always been called "The Patriots" Way".

Many Pats fans are having a tough time coming to grips with the loss, and hopefully they don't need to look up who the owner is (it's Robert Kraft, just in case you did, in fact, need to know) from now until Google gets the right answer up.

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During his Friday interview with Barstool Sports' "Pardon My Take" podcast, the Eagles offensive tackle didn't hold back his harsh feelings towards the Patriots after Philadelphia upset New England last Sunday in Super Bowl 52.

In the aftermath of Super Bowl LII, the play known as "Philly Special" received most of the attention.

If you're scoring at home, Foles has now won Super Bowl MVP, went to Disney World for free, has his own day in Austin and had an actor buy him a full-page ad in a Texas newspaper. We can be cordial for a little bit.

The Eagles Super Bowl win on February 4 rocked Central Texas and the Westlake community where Foles grew up.

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