'Peter Rabbit' movie-makers apologize for making light of allergies

'Peter Rabbit' movie-makers apologize for making light of allergies

'Peter Rabbit' movie-makers apologize for making light of allergies

Sony Pictures have apologized after allergy advocacy organizations lashed out against a newly released "Peter Rabbit" movie for allegedly trivializing food allergies.

Sony Pictures and the filmmakers say that it was wrong to include the scene "even in a cartoonish, slapstick way".

In one scene, the rabbits, who have already learned that he is allergic to blackberries, pelt him with the fruit, firing one into his mouth.

"The very real fear and anxiety that people experience during an allergic reaction (often referred to as an impending sense of doom) is a serious matter", the group wrote.

The group said that allergy jokes are harmful to their community and that making light of the condition "encourages the public not to take the risk of allergic reactions seriously".

"We sincerely regret not being more aware and sensitive to this issue, and we truly apologise". Parents who saw the movie were upset with the scene, saying the scenario is "bullying" of someone with a food allergy and calling for a boycott of the film. 'We will keep you updated on our actions on this issue'. A character is intentionally attacked with his allergen, leading to anaphylaxis and the use of epinephrine.

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A petition has also been launched by Global Anaphylaxis Awareness and Inclusivity - attracting nearly 10,000 signatures.

"Peter Rabbit" - featuring the voices of James Corden, Fayssal Bazzi, Domhnall Gleeson, Sia, Sam Neill, Margot Robbie, and Elizabeth Debicki - is now in theaters.

The hashtag #boycottpeterrabbit has also kicked off on social media. Police later arrested a fellow student on suspicion of attempted murder, the Sun reported.

The makers of the "Peter Rabbit" movie have been forced to apologise for offending allergy sufferers. Last year, its trailer invited criticism from many for its violent scenes. They are calling for the scene to be withdrawn from the film, which is set to air in the United Kingdom in March 2018.

The movie, directed by Will Gluck, earned $25 million in its first weekend in the United States.

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