US, S.Korea agree to maintain pressure on N. Korea

Members of the North Korea cheering group gather before a welcoming ceremony inside the Gangneung Olympic Village before the 2018 Winter Olympics

Members of the North Korea cheering group gather before a welcoming ceremony inside the Gangneung Olympic Village before the 2018 Winter Olympics

Pence continued his tough rhetoric even after South Korean officials announced North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had invited President Moon Jae-in to Pyongyang for talks. And given her high status in North Korea, she would also be an ideal person if the Unites States would like to reach out to North Korea.

North Korean and South Korea athlete walked and sat together during the opening ceremonies in Pyeong Chang in a rare statement of unity there.

The Games has seen better ties between the two Koreas despite tensions over the North's nuclear programme.

Mr Moon said in response the two countries should create the environment for that to be able to happen.

There have been summits between the two Koreas before. "We are all touched by this wonderful gesture". We all join and support you in your message of peace.

Moon is eager to use Kim Yo Jong's presence at the games to restore regular communication with North Korea and eventually pull it into nuclear talks.

Smiling flag-bearers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir led the red-clad Canadian team in the parade of nations.

It was a raucous and historic night mixing sports and politics on an global stage for a second straight night in this remote region of South Korea. "I take great pride in seeing the extraordinary prosperity of freedom in South Korea and to know that the people of South Korea know that the American soldier won that for them - that's why there is no daylight and there will be no daylight - because the core of the bond between South Korea and the USA was forged in war".

A huge crowd gathered in the freezing Olympics Stadium in this isolated, mountainous corner of South Korea, as performances displayed the sweep of Korean history and culture.

Some 800 protesters marched to the National Theater of Korea in Seoul where South Korean president Moon Jae-in and the despot's sister were scheduled to enjoy a concert in the culmination of their Olympic reconciliation, AFP reported.

Yo-jong's visit to the South was the first visit by a member of the ruling Kim family ever since the Korean War ended in 1953.

He added that the Olympic Games "opens the door maybe just a little bit" and the handshake was "a great symbol and a great indication of maybe how things can be".

There will be plenty of sporting drama for both die-hard snow and ice junkies and the once-every-four-years enthusiast.

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But the athletic aspect of these games has been overshadowed in the buildup to the opening ceremony by a frenzied, increasingly momentous fire-hose spray of political developments.

The North has sent almost 500 people to the Pyeongchang Games including officials, athletes, artists and cheerleaders after the Koreas agreed to a series of conciliatory gestures to mark the games.

CNN then quotes some professor's view that Kim Yo Jong's presence at the Olympics "is a signal that North Korea is not this insane, weird former Cold War state - but it too has young women that are capable and are the future leadership". Could they meet? That and other theories have engulfed South Korean media.

Pyeongchang was not supposed to share the spotlight with Pyongyang.

A foreign resident living in the North Korean capital, Pyongyang, told Reuters he had seen fewer people in restaurants and luxury goods in shops in recent months.

Demonstrators set the DPRK flag alight, along with a portrait of Kim Jong-un, to protest against the two countries' efforts to improve relations during the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Pence has sought to keep pressure on North Korea during his visit to Asia.

Moon was raised in poverty in Busan by North Korean parents who'd fled during the war.

"Now is not the time to postpone U.S".

Pyongyang has ruled out a meeting with the United States delegation during the Winter Games.

Pence spent the days leading up to the Pyeongchang Olympics warning that the North was trying to "hijack the message and imagery" of the event with its "propaganda".

Could Pyeongchang's initial pitch - that it could contribute to peace on the Korean Peninsula - actually become reality? The opening ceremony offered at least some hints about that, and maybe more.

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