Google changed the image search function

Google'View Image Button Removed Alternative Ways You Can Still Use the Feature

Google'View Image Button Removed Alternative Ways You Can Still Use the Feature

As The Verge reports, changes to Google's image search page were introduced yesterday and it seems to be a direct response to the complaints lodged against Google by photographers and publishers over images being stolen.

Google and Getty Images reached an agreement earlier this month with Google now obtaining a multi-year license to use Getty's photos in its products and it has also agreed to make some changes to its image search and this is the result of that agreement.

What are your thoughts about Google removing the "View Image" button from Google Images search results?

If you were upset about the recent removal of the "View Image" button on Google's image search engine, you'll be happy to know a workaround has recently popped up. It meant you could click an image in the stream, then click the button to see the image full size without having to load anything else. Getty has in the past accused Google of encouraging piracy by providing high-resolution copyrighted material, and discouraging folks from viewing images at their source.

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The company has confirmed in a tweet that it has removed the View Image button.

Another possible reason for Google's decision to remove this age-old button from its search engine is increased ad revenue. While protecting the images from illegal downloading is still the publisher's responsibility if a user tries to save the image from the site, what Google has contributed is adding one additional step that would compel users to at least visit the publisher's site. Most users don't need it probably though as it is still possible to right-click on images to load them individually. And if they wanted to steal it, they could right-click to save the image to their computer or storage device.

Now You: Which site do you use for image searches? For example, Pexels and Pixabay.

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