New Apple Bug: The One Character That Can Crash Your Device

Apple Bug Fixed

Apple Bug Fixed

There's a new iOS bug in town, and - like so many times before - it appears to be fairly easy to exploit. In fact, the character, when pasted into not just iMessage but most messaging or email apps on iOS, doesn't just crash the app, but also the underlying software that runs texting on the iOS platform.

The bug also affects third-party applications such as Gmail according to The Verge.

A community forum called OpenRadar first highlighted the issue a few days ago, followed up by a report by Italian blog Mobile World.

All public iOS betas are safeguarded, and Apple has confirmed a fix will be released in a forthcoming software update for other versions of iOS, prior to the iOS 11.3 download expected in the spring. The app on which you received the message becomes frozen and inaccessible as the app tries and fails to load the character.

Apple's iOS mobile operating system has encountered a new bug that can crash iPhones.

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'The situation gets worse if someone sends you the symbol and iOS tries to show it in a notification. If that happens, developers recommend waiting and hoping for the phone to restart properly as forcibly restarting it can result in a boot loop, potentially requiring you to reinstall the operating system (OS). This happens if you send a specific Indian language character.

The bug is triggered when by a character from the Indian language Telugu.

The only way to escape this cycle is to get someone else to message you and delete the thread containing the malicious message.

In an Open Radar bug report filed on Monday, Apple said it already patched the issue in the beta version of iOS 11.3.

A similar issue also plagued iPhones in 2016, when it was discovered that a corrupt video file could be used to cause iPhones to freeze up and forced users to reboot the device to make it function again. This means that the bug is not limited to iOS Messages app. A newly-discovered bug that's capable of crashing your iPhone or Mac computer is making the rounds, and it's a pretty nasty one.

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