New iOS 11 bug will crash your iPhone with one character

New iOS 11 bug will crash your iPhone with one character

New iOS 11 bug will crash your iPhone with one character

According to a new report from The Verge, the bug takes effect when a particular Indian language (Telugu) character is received, or even just pasted into a text area.

This bug may not be a problem for most users at the moment but it does carry certain risks if Apple fails to patch it in a timely manner.

Apple has frequently cited security and other under-the-hood improvements as reasons for customers to keep their devices up to date with the latest OS releases; continued compatibility with popular apps can also increase updates.

In the last few years, many iOS bugs have been discovered - and fixed - where sending a particular text, image or video message would cause the Messages app to crash.

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However, some apps like Telegram and Skype seem to be unaffected, the report said, adding that an Italian blog Mobile World spotted the bug. All someone with malicious intent has to do is send you a specific Telugu character to your iOS device to ruin your day.

Tests by a variety of publications have been performed with third-party apps such as FaceBook Messenger, WhatsApp, Gmail and Outlook, with the issue appearing in all cases. The only way to regain access is by waiting for another message to appear, so you can open that one instead and try to delete the thread that contains the infected character. It's strikingly similar to the so-called ChaiOS bug from January in which a single link on iMessage was able to crash the app and force some phones to restart.

Once this message with the special character reaches its destination, it crashes the iOS Springboard and the device will no longer open messages. If you're really desperate for a solution, you can also upgrade to the latest iOS public beta, iOS 11.3, which in our testing is immune to this bug. We'll show you how to customize this view and access some of the new iOS 11 features in Control Center.

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