Soon you can edit your screenshots through the Google application

Soon you can edit your screenshots through the Google application

Soon you can edit your screenshots through the Google application

It's quite obvious that this latest Google app feature is still on infancy stage, indicating that there will be improvements to come in future versions. With this new feature, Google doesn't take over a device's screenshot capabilities, but instead grabs on to the images captured by the OS, allowing you to quickly edit or share them. It is now available in beta version 7.21 of the Google app and could soon roll out to the masses.

Google has been testing this instant screenshot editing tool built straight into its Google app for almost the past year. It remains unknown when the final cut will be made public but the feature is ready to test drive for anyone wanting to do so. You can crop the screenshot or doodle over it. Here's how it will work. Go to Accounts & Privacy, a new toggle called "Edit and share screenshots" will be present at the end of the list.

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Afterwards, taking a screenshot in the Google app will slide up a panel from the bottom of the page that features a small preview and options to Edit or directly Share, which opens the system sharing menu.

When rolled out, the feature will be tucked in the Google app's Settings. The panel will be on-screen and the screenshot will be loaded in the background. Once enabled, the app will surface a prompt after you take a screenshot anywhere in the Google app. The saved images will be compiled in your phone's Screenshots folder. The sharing option will allow you to share it with other apps from within the Google app or from within a Chrome Custom Tab. Now it looks like Android is about to get a similar feature, except that for now, it will be limited to Google apps, which includes Feed and Search. Once you hit Finished or the Tick you can then share your screenshot.

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