Spotify is nearing the production of its first hardware product

Spotify is nearing the production of its first hardware product

Spotify is nearing the production of its first hardware product

Use an existing digital assistant like Amazon Alexa found on the Echo speakers, Google Assistant from Android, Siri by Apple or Cortana by Microsoft. However, it's Apple we're talking about and the company will gather enough traction in the near future. Further, it is very likely that if a Spotify smart speaker is to be released, it will be available only in the U.S initially. Many streaming services let you listen for free, which has helped curb the need for ...

According to a recent report from The Guardian, Spotify is now on the lookout for an Operations Manager: Hardware Product, a Senior Product Manager: Hardware Production, and a Project Manager: Hardware Production and Engineering.

Rumour-spinners took that tidbit and turned it into reports claiming that Spotify's working on either a high-end smart speaker to rival the Amazon Echo or a wearable of some description - both of which fall well within the realm of possibility. This definitely makes sense as streaming music and smart speaker are correlated. They talk of employees working with suppliers, designers and manufacturers to deliver hardware; they are all based at Spotify's headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

Earlier this month we also highlighted the significant limitations of the HomePod.

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Nonetheless, Apple shouldn't get a bye on this given how much the company brags about its materials expertise and expensive testing, the HomePod's delay in hitting the market, and the high price the HomePod commands.

Apple's decision to forego Spotify support on the Homepod, in favour of its own music streaming service, was bashed by some reviewers.

There will be more to the story, so be sure to stay tuned in for more details. The stains from the HomePod were never really the problem - it's a simple issue to work around, even for the small number of customers affected - but it's the fact that Apple seemingly didn't know about the problem that made it embarrassing. Do you want the company to introduce its own hardware product?

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