Amazon Wants To Turn Alexa Into A Real-Time Language Translator

Amazon Wants To Turn Alexa Into A Real-Time Language Translator

Amazon Wants To Turn Alexa Into A Real-Time Language Translator

Yahoo Finance reports that Amazon is attempting to Alexa, its smart assistant, into a translator that would go beyond just words and phrases, which it's now able to do. "Alexa would have an understanding of the Japanese culture...and would incorporate its knowledge into translations".

Amazon's Alexa assistant is already capable of performing a wide range of capabilities, but the company wants to push it even further.

"For instance, if a person from the USA, who only speaks English, attends a wedding in Tokyo and doesn't speak Japanese, Alexa would be able to help that person hold a conversation in Japanese", the report notes.

To get a culturally aware translation, the user must be a little more specific when talking to Alexa. Context and cultural awareness is something that's still missing.

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Alexa is already capable of translating words and short phrases between several languages.

Amazon's very own smart voice assistant may receive an important update soon as the top e-commerce website is believed to be thinking of making Alexa able to translate from one language to another. One way that the company is planning to do so is to add the ability for Alexa to translate between languages in real time. However, Amazon is said to be pushing to make Alexa into a "true multilingual assistant" that will be able to perform more complicated translations.

It's a great idea, though the issue that comes with using a virtual assistant is having to use a voice command every time you want something translated - much like the translation in Google's Pixel Buds.

It makes sense that Amazon would launch this feature for Alexa, given everything else she can do, but it does have me wondering whether this means we'll be seeing some Alexa-powered earbuds or headphones from Amazon in the near future. The ultimate goal, the sources say, is enabling Alexa (via any device) to translate any language in real-time including conversations with multiple speakers.

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