NRA Reduces Gun Injuries For These Three Days Every Year, Research Shows

Gun statistics don’t match our response

Gun statistics don’t match our response

The National Rifle Association asserts firearms are safe in the hands of people who know how to use them.

In their analysis, the researchers examined almost 76 million medical insurance claims for emergency department visits and hospitalizations related to firearm injuries between 2007 and 2015.

"A quick glance at the numbers says it all: There are 100 million gun owners in America, with about 80,000 of them attending the NRA Annual Meeting each year - that's less than one-tenth of 1 percent of American gun owners", Baker wrote.

Bringing this novel analytical method to gun use, the researchers mined private health insurance data from 2007 to 2015, analyzing national firearm injury rates during the NRA's conventions-when members listen to lectures and peruse exhibit halls rather than hunt or practice shooting-and compared them with firearm injury rates on similar days before and after each convention. According to a July 2017 Pew Research study of gun owners, 53% of NRA members said they "have a gun that is loaded and easily accessible to them at all times", versus 34% of non-members, while "NRA members are twice as likely to say they carry a gun with them outside of their home all or most of the time" (44% v 22%). Then the team compared the number of gun injuries during NRA conventions with the number of such injuries on identical days in surrounding weeks. They support the 2nd Amendment for nearly all gun owners and sportsmen, but say that we need some checks in place to prevent mass shootings and mentally ill gun buyers.

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Another major USA corporation, Delta Air Lines, is facing pushback for taking too strong a stance against the NRA.

Responsible gun owners shouldn't be in position where they can be blamed for the crimes of a very few individuals.

The company also called on lawmakers to take action "to protect schools and students from incidents such as the horrific tragedy in Florida". The greatest reductions in firearm injuries happened on convention days in these groups: men, people in southern and western USA states, people in states within the top one-third for gun-ownership rates and people who lived in the state hosting the convention, Jena and Olenski said. But this difference is not trivial, he says, considering only about 80,000 Americans out of a gun-owning population of tens of millions attend each meeting. NRA meetings, the researchers contend, may influence gun use even among people who don't attend.

The design of this study only identifies associations, not precise cause-and-effect relationships, and so is unable to ascertain that the observed injury drop on convention days came about because NRA members are not using their weapons. The largest reductions were observed among men, in the south and west, in states with high gun-ownership rates, and among people who resided in the state hosting the convention.

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