White House continues to delay gun proposals amid uncertainty

White House continues to delay gun proposals amid uncertainty

White House continues to delay gun proposals amid uncertainty

Also attending were a representative of the Parents Television Council, a conservative watchdog group, as well as conservative activist Brent Bozell - a longtime critic of video game violence who founded the council - and the author of a book linking mass killings to violent video games.

Executives from the video game industry were on hand, among them two CEOs of video game publishers and representatives of the Entertainment Software Association and the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

USA president Donald Trump met on Thursday with the makers of popular video games "Grand Theft Auto" and "Doom" to discuss what the president believes is a link between video games and violent acts like last month's school shooting in Florida.

Criticizing the violent content in the video games, Donald Trump said that the video games, internet and movies are so violent.

Two out of three American households have someone who plays video games regularly and approximately 97% of children aged 12-17 play video games.

"Focusing entirely on video games distracts from the substantive debate we should be having about how to take guns out of the hands of risky people", Connecticut Sen.

During the meeting the president also recognized his top economic adviser, Gary Cohn, who is resigning from the White House in the wake of the tariff decision. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said last month that the plan would be released by the end of last week, but sources have told CNN that no plan will be released at least until after Thursday's meeting.

The meeting could become a contentious affair - and possibly a venue for Trump to slam video game executives for, in his view, increasing violent tendencies in young people.

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Researches have been failed since decades to accentuate the association of gun violence to the graphic depictions of violence being seen in different video games as well as movies.

Thursday's meeting comes five years after Joe Biden, then vice president, met with the ESA, heads of major video game companies, and researchers as the nation grappled with Connecticut's Sandy Hook massacre that saw 20 primary school-age children gunned down. "Or could the industry listen to the better angels of their nature and say, we just don't want to do it, on a voluntary basis?"

The conversation lasted for nearly an hour and was "vigorous" but "respectful", and Trump seemed to be interested in hearing from all sides, said Melissa Henson of the Parents Television Council, a group that advocates against violence and sex in entertainment.

About the meeting with President Donald Trump, PTC program director Melissa Henson said she is keen to talk about the challenges of keeping violent games away from kids even for the most diligent parents. Trump made it quite clear where his train of thought was when he said " I'm hearing more and more people say the level of violence on video games is really shaping young people's thoughts", following the tragic event.

"The video game representatives pulled out their same old talking points that have always been refuted", she said in the statement issued after the meeting.

The ESA, which represents the video game industry, has long pushed back against claims that video game violence causes real-life aggression.

Psychologist Patrick Markey noted that in his research, 80% of mass shooters showed no interest in violent video games.

Asked about that, Sanders said: 'I've had conversations with the president about this.

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