Android Wear Might Be Rebranded To 'Wear OS'

Android Wear Might Be Rebranded To 'Wear OS'

Android Wear Might Be Rebranded To 'Wear OS'

Google might soon rebrand its Android Wear to simply Wear OS as per a post shared on Reddit. An arbitrary renaming of a tech product is usually one of the first signs of a lack of faith in a concept. As noted by Android Headlines, there were more references to Wear OS in the beta APK, including referring to it as the "wearable service name", suggesting that a name change is incoming.

It appears that Google might be thinking about rebranding its iteration of Android OS for wearable devices.

Retooling the Android Wear platform to Wear OS actually makes a lot of sense now, especially as it's not for Android-only compatibility devices anymore. The latest Android 2.8 update is claimed to have majorly improved watches' display performance. You're conditioned to look for iOS, so it's not initially 100% clear that Android Wear will work with your phone and may put you off looking at Google's smartwatches right away. Google may make a wider roll out in the coming days or at the time of Google IO 2018 developer's conference.

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Apart from the new name and logo, little else is known about the new Wear OS at present.

Although the rebrand is now just a rumor, it's becoming a bit of a trend for Google with its Android products. The reason for this is probably due to neutrality, same reason that Android Pay was rebranded to Google Pay which is because Android Pay could be used on Apple phones.

There's no official word from Google on the instance; however we believe that Google will announce the new name with the Android P in line on this year's annual- Google I/O conference in May.

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