Slovak junior government party wants early election if coalition collapses

50,000 people protest in Bratislava against Slovak PM

50,000 people protest in Bratislava against Slovak PM

A coalition partner had made Robert Kalinak's resignation a condition for continued support in government.

Mr Kalinak bowed to pressure from a junior coalition partner and quit his posts, stripping Prime Minister Robert Fico of a key ally. Slovakia has seen the largest protest since 1989, with demonstrators calling for the the government to step down.

Anti-government protesters in Slovakia are planning to hold more rallies over the slaying of an investigative journalist even though the country's interior minister has resigned.

Critics had claimed Mr Kalinak could not ensure an impartial investigation into the murders, in his role as overseer of the police.

"We think that only early elections would solve this situation", said Bela Bugar, chairman of Most-Hid on Monday evening after an eight-hour internal party discussion.

"It's important for stability to be maintained", Mr Kalinak told reporters as he announced his resignation as both interior minister and deputy PM.

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Kuciak's last, unfinished story was about the activities of the Italian mafia in Slovakia and alleged ties to people close to Prime Minister Robert Fico.

Slovak investigative journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancee were killed in their home last month.

Although the government has denied any links between two people who worked in Fico's office and were reportedly connected to the mafia via business intermediaries, the fallout has damaged its reputation.

"We believe that only early elections would solve this situation", Bugar said after a meeting of his party's leadership that took nearly eight hours.

Tens of thousands of Slovaks marched in cities across the country on Friday demanding the resignations of Kalinak and the police chief, saying Fico's government had failed to tackle high-level corruption.

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