Smoking Could Be Damaging Your Hearing, Research Reveals

Those who had used e-cigarettes were 12 times more likely to have smoked tobacco a study of young people found

Those who had used e-cigarettes were 12 times more likely to have smoked tobacco a study of young people found

Despite this over 58% of smokers still try to stop without using any aids, even though going "cold turkey" is the least effective way to quit.

Smoking appeared to affect the ability to hear both high and low frequency sounds, but the association with high frequency loss was greater.

'On the other hand, e-cigarettes may facilitate cigarette smoking initiation and confer substantial harm to adolescents and young adults once they are introduced to nicotine'.

The U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse has more about e-cigarettes. However-and perhaps more alarming-the model estimated that, at the same time, an additional 168,000 adolescents and young adults who had never smoked cigarettes began smoking and eventually became daily cigarette smokers after first using e-cigarettes. If yes, then you may be at a higher risk of suffering hearing loss. Smoking can lead to people becoming deaf.

For more information on the services available and useful tips to stop smoking, visit, or the Public Health Agency Want 2 Stop website at where you can also order a Quit Kit free of charge which will help you plan your quit attempt.

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A recent Public Health England (PHE) report shows 40% of smokers wrongly thought nicotine causes cancer when it is in fact the thousands of chemicals in cigarette smoke, including tar and carbon monoxide, which cause most of the harm.

A 2017 study found that almost a quarter of adult cigarette smokers used e-cigarettes to quit. In October, the FDA addressed youth use of e-cigarettes and other electronic nicotine-delivery systems (ENDS) through its "The Real Cost" campaign. One incident involved an elderly woman who had to go to hospital."She had a major fire after falling asleep with a cigarette lit", Mr Lambert said."The sofa caught fire, the curtains, half her room in fact."We'd actually fitted a smoke alarm for her six weeks earlier as well, and had a frank discussion with her about fire safety".

E-cigarettes have been marketed as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes because they produce vapor rather than smoke. "Negative coverage in the media has led to a misconception that vaping is risky, when the reality is that e-cigarettes have the potential to reduce the harm from tobacco caused to smokers, those around them and the wider society".

The study was published in Nicotine & Tobacco Research. But it seems that tobacco also damages hearing.

Soneji said one way to stop the rise in e-cigarette use among young people is to reduce the availability of "kid-friendly" flavors.

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