Tillerson's exit won't affect the deal he struck with Exxon

Tillerson's exit won't affect the deal he struck with Exxon

Tillerson's exit won't affect the deal he struck with Exxon

But Pompeo also helped engineer a detente between Trump and the US intelligence agencies after the incoming president likened them to Nazis.

United States President Donald Trump fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Tuesday (March 13), a little over a year after Mr Tillerson took on the job. One thing is sure; we have not heard the end of the behind-the-scenes decision to fire Tillerson and its connection with Trump's policies towards Russian Federation.

Menendez told reporters Tuesday that the State Department has lacked stability at a time when Trump's "bombast against diplomacy undermines the very essence of what our people can do overseas".

Known for his blunt-talking style, Pompeo has already been confirmed by the Senate for his current role at the Central Intelligence Agency, making it likely that he will be confirmed for the State Department role.

They said having Pompeo as the US top diplomat will help strengthen the alliance, given that he is seen as having a closer relationship with Trump than Tillerson.

Widening differences on foreign policies and global issues further escalated the tensions between the two.

Lawrence Korb, a former United States assistant secretary of defence told Aljazeera that Trump's decision to dismiss Tillerson is "evidence of poor judgement". Trump told reporters outside the White House that he and Pompeo "have a similar thought process". But over time, many lawmakers grew to appreciate Tillerson as a relatively steady hand in the chaotic Trump administration.

Tillerson was ousted barely four hours after he returned from an Africa mission and with no face-to-face conversation with the president, the latest casualty of an unruly White House that has seen multiple top officials depart in recent weeks.

In the eyes of some US media outlets, Tillerson had some "successes" in his less than 14-month term, including the growing pressure against Pyongyang to force it to abandon the nuclear project, and the improved ties between Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

"These changes and developments and firings in the Trump government are not new", Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi said when asked at a news conference about the impact of Pompeo's appointment on the nuclear deal, according to state media. Former Secretary of State Collin Powell may come as a distant second since he was given the dignity of submitting his resignation and announcing his departure after strong disagreements with the White House and the Pentagon over handling the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq.

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Democrat Tammy Baldwin tweeted on the moves.

A Senate Foreign Relations hearing with Tillerson on the State Department budget is now cancelled. "She's an outstanding person, who also I have gotten to know very well".

These generals threw him a lifeline to remain in power despite his numerous reprimands of Trump.

This could mean a major shift in foreign policy.

He predicted that Pompeo may take a tougher line on the talks with Pyongyang. Given that he will indulge an erratic president's hawkish impulses, he will definitely be more risky.

The Trump approach has been one of uncertainty and unpredictability and certainly we will see a little bit of the same in Pompeo taking over State Department. "To the best of my knowledge, she has been a good deputy director and I look forward to the opportunity to speak with her again". He provided a business perspective not driven primarily by political winds... "There likely will be close attention to Iran with the new leadership", West said. Just this week Tillerson said the poisoning of an ex-spy in Britain "came from Russian Federation", and that he had become "extremely concerned" about the regime there after spending a year trying to narrow differences with the Kremlin.

"Tillerson had been a voice for avoiding a trade war ... But that doesn't necessarily support a balanced national-security policy".

Critics expressed dismay at the decision to swap out top diplomats so soon before the unprecedented potential meeting between Kim and Trump, and anxious that Pompeo would encourage Trump to be hawkish on North Korea.

After the announcement, Tillerson tried to draw a distinction between "talks" with North Korea and "negotiations".

Trump acknowledged he hadn't discussed the idea in advance with Tillerson.

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