Valve Reveals Optional Monthly Subscription Service for Dota 2

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With that in mind, it is big news that after all of these years, Valve has chose to implement a new subscription for the game, dubbed "Dota Plus", which will replace the tournament Battle Pass going forward. Notable features include Hero Leveling, which allows players to rack up experience points for their chosen hero and unlock new tiers of hero level badges.

Majors Battle Passes, like this one from fall 2016, included daily and weekly challenges, new cosmetics and effects, and other themed features. It's priced at $4 per month, with some small discounts available if you lock in a subscription for six or 12 months. Dota Plus will be a continuous subscription instead of the temporary schedule behind a Battle Pass during a Major, though Valve noted it is not a replacement for The International Battle Pass. Dota Plus will be similar, with hundreds of new challenges including hero-specific challenges, but as an ongoing service rather than a scheduled, seasonal one. Finally, Valve is bringing back the weekend Battle Cup tournaments, which Plus members will receive free access to. This is a new subscription feature for the game which for a price of $3.99 a month, will give users access additional features. Sarcasm aside, let's go over what Dota Plus has to offer real quickly.

You can find the full run-down of benefits on the Dota Plus website, where you can also take a look at its pricing options.

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First off, there's hero leveling. Completing those new tasks rewards players with things like new voice line slots or the in-game currency needed to pick up Plus-exclusive items from the store. Second, there's the Plus Assistant. The Dota Plus site that describes the Assistant's goal says that it'll suggest items that should be purchased, abilities that should be leveled based on what lane players are in and on the compositions of both teams, and will even suggest heroes for players to pick before the game based on what allies and enemies have already picked.

"These suggestions are based on data gathered from millions of recent games at each skill bracket, ensuring your builds stay current in the ever-evolving meta", Valve wrote. Lastly, we have the Plus Perks.

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