Trudeau continues steel tour with stops in Sault Ste. Marie, Regina

Trudeau continues steel tour with stops in Sault Ste. Marie, Regina

Trudeau continues steel tour with stops in Sault Ste. Marie, Regina

Justin Trudeau made the comment to a steel worker in Sault Ste.

American President Donald Trump's announcement of an exemption for Canada from new USA tariffs on steel and aluminum imports highlights Ottawa's intimate military-strategic partnership with United States imperialism and the determination of Justin Trudeau's Liberal government to line up with Washington in its preparations for economic and military conflict with its main rivals, above all China.

He spoke after a visit to a Rio Tinto Ltd facility in Quebec as he kicked off a tour this week of the nation's steel and aluminum regions.

His comments came amid rising trade tensions in the wake of a U.S. decision to impose steep tariffs on imported steel and aluminum.

Sean Donnelly, Chief Executive of ArcelorMittal Dofasco, said on Tuesday the company is not seeking Canadian government aid as the domestic steel industry faces uncertainty after U.S. President Donald Trump provided temporary relief on steel imports.

US tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum would be "very harmful" for industry and workers in both countries, he added.

Trudeau also said it was in part due to the hard work of Canadian officials that Trump exempted Canada from the tariffs last week.

"Of course we'd prefer also to discuss with the prime minister", said Reynders.

Trudeau says he will keep the pressure on Trump during the tariff negotiations, as well as on negotiations for the North American Free Trade Agreement.

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"But I accept what the president said", Trudeau added, "that as long as there is a free-trade deal in North America there won't be tariffs". "We'll always be at the table", Champagne said.

Trudeau has stepped up his government's pro-militarist and anti-China rhetoric this week as he conducts a tour of steel and aluminum plants in Quebec, Ontario and Saskatchewan aimed at posturing as a defender of "Canadian jobs".

"I'm really happy to be having the kind of conversations we're having this week instead of the conversations we might have had had the American decision gone differently last week", Trudeau told the workers.

The Trump administration has set tariffs of 25 per cent on steel and 10 per cent on aluminum, applicable to every country except Canada and Mexico.

"We made the. true point that the integration of our steel and aluminum market is so intense across the Canada-U.S. border that millions of jobs on both sides of the border depend on continued smooth flow of trade", he said.

Trudeau did not answer when asked how the federal government would protect industry workers if tariffs are imposed.

Earlier in the day several politicians joined the Prime Minster at a roundtable discussion where Trudeau listened to industry leaders and union representatives.

However, the key word is "temporary", particularly as NAFTA renegotiation efforts continue and the USA hopes to win concessions from its NAFTA peers.

"We are alert to that, we are working with partners in industry, with our American partners, to ensure that does not happen", Trudeau said of so-called transshipment.

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