You can now set location-based reminders from Google Home

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Routines helpfully allows you to group actions together, meaning users are no longer required to specifically activate each device (or ask for updates etc.) in their home - think the Google alternative to Amazon scenes. It will adjust smart home devices as before but you can also set this one up to broadcast to all the Google Homes in the house that you've arrived; get location based reminders that you set for "home" and again play music/radio/news/podcasts/audiobooks specified for this Routine. If you say, "remind me to grab some cereal from the grocery store", then you'll be notified when you get to a grocery store. That thing stays at home.

Those already using Google Assistant via their Home or Home Mini device will be familiar with the "My Day" option (which is currently remaining as is in the United Kingdom and Australia for now) which provided news, weather, traffic and personal updates the Good Morning Routine is replacing.

What's new here isn't so much location-based reminders, of course, but the ability to set them on one device and have them appear on another. You can set one time reminders and recurring ones as well.

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A location-based reminder is triggered, as the name indicates when you're at a certain location.

You can specify a particular location or something more general. Saying "Ok Google, remind me to check tire pressure at the gas station", by example, wasn't understood in terms of the gas station being a location. The feature is available only in the USA for now and will be rolled out across other markets eventually.

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