Siri Bug Can Reveal Hidden Notifications On The iPhone

Yes That’s Vulfpeck You Hear In The New Apple Commercial
							Kendall Deflin			
			Friday March 23rd 2018

Yes That’s Vulfpeck You Hear In The New Apple Commercial Kendall Deflin | Friday March 23rd 2018

This means that if you or anyone asks Siri to read your notifications, she will read aloud private messages sent via third-party apps, like Facebook Messenger, Slack or Signal, for everyone to hear. The bug was discovered in the latest version of iOS and appears to still be present in iOS 11.3 which is still in beta.

As a result of the bug, Siri reads out notification content, even those that are hidden, from a wide selection of apps without verifying whether the command was coming from the owner of the device. Holding down the home button (or the side button on the Apple iPhone X) will put Siri into blabbermouth mode.

Apple has acknowledged the problem and promised a fix soon. Apple said in a statement to MacRumors, "We are aware of the issue and it will be addressed in an upcoming software update".

It's likely that a fix will arrive in iOS 11.3, which is now in beta, although Apple could release a minor update to sort the issue like it did with the recent Telugu text bomb bug.

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If you're someone who completely values their privacy, there is a feature in iOS that lets users hide the preview of their notifications so that if your phone is on the table and a message comes in, they won't be able to see what it's about. But if you use an alternative email app like Gmail, Siri will include those in the notifications it's willing to read. For the iPhone X all notifications are hidden until unlocked with Face ID.

Alternatively, iPhone users can fully disable Siri whenever their device is locked by heading to Settings Siri & Search Allow Siri When Locked.

If you ask Siri to read text notifications, she'll tell you to unlock your phone.

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