The first voyages on the Sea of Thieves

The first voyages on the Sea of Thieves

The first voyages on the Sea of Thieves

After years of waiting and anticipation, Sea of Thieves finally launched earlier this week. The fourth issue is the missing of items when players logged out from the game and fix this problem is coming in next week patch. Sea of Thieves has been struggling to keep up.

According to Rare, this time the game downtime is necessary for the studio to implement several improvements and thus deliver a better experience in Sea of Thieves.

Rare's first aim is to make all the players log into the Sea of Thieves and play the game but till the issue of login gets solved they recommend to jump with a crew that has already formed. He recognized the performance issues that Xbox One X users complained about and revealed that they are now working on a new patch that is set for release early next week.

The game that crossed over one million unique players in 48 hours, Sea Of Thieves has been one of the most anticipated games.

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While the developer video posted below goes into more depth on current issues, the main issues cropping up are listed below along with current status. At one point, more than 5,000 people were logging on to the game per minute, which put a huge strain on matchmaking systems.

These are just work-arounds for players in the meantime. Like when you discover that you can drop anchor at a certain speed and pull off a maritime handbrake turn (perfect for getting the drop on a crew attempting to steal your booty), or how being sick inside a bucket can be used as a weapon.

More advanced players can try to take on the skull forts when a daunting skull cloud hangs above them, drawing ships from all around to try and take on the army of skeletons, but there's an uneasy tension whenever you see another ship, an uncertainty as to the other crew's motivations. Neate said services that reward players with gold and reputation will be delayed. Players expect fast and open communication from developers.

Sea of Thieves is a new shared-world adventure that saw massive amounts of success during every beta period, but reactions seem to be faltering now that the title has released. It's a console exclusive on Xbox One, though digital copies enjoy Play Anywhere support, meaning you can play it on both Xbox One and PC. If you got the wrong one, you'll need to kill it with your sword!

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