Epic is considering more than 100 players for Fortnite

Fortnite freebies say sorry for hit game's downtime

Fortnite freebies say sorry for hit game's downtime

Its growth is unparalleled and obviously, all the players who regularly log in are eager to learn about the game's future.

Having 100 players in a battle royale match seems to be the standard number at the moment for the genre, but Fortnite's devs have considered going beyond that number. I mean, personally, I would love to try it.

Williamson also said that the development team had a discussion on how they could more closely integrate the PvP and PvE modes.

"Fortnite" has introduced different modes into the game in the past, like a 50 vs 50 game mode. This is particularly challenging because the latter mode is based on classes, while the former is not.

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"We'll have a detailed postmortem of this week's issues, and more information about how we will improve services for you in the future".

In Save the World, players can look forward to receiving a Troll Stash Llama, while Battle Royale players will getting a Back Bling gift on the house. It's not something that is easy to map from one to the other. Of course, this direction of integrating game modes comes with plenty of things to consider since each class is different from one another and certain classes can either have a huge advantage or a huge disadvantage over another class. If we were to put those classes into Battle Royale everyone would gravitate towards the one that has the smallest "hitbox". Replay. With a suite of cinematic settings you can now capture your most memorable moments, highlights and cinematics. Turn things around and try different stuff.

This version also includes the brand new Port-A-Fort, 50v50 [limited Time Mode], cyberpunk Heroes (Save the World) and Neon Weapons (Save the World). Would you be interested in something like that, anyway?

So, even though we won't know what caused the problem for a little while longer, it's at least nice to see Epic handing out some freebies to make up for the unexpected downtime.

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