LAPD Seizes $700000 In Feces Covered Counterfeit Makeup

Counterfeit makeup seized during an LAPD raid in the Fashion District

Counterfeit makeup seized during an LAPD raid in the Fashion District

Los Angeles police confirmed they confiscated $700,000 worth of bootleg cosmetics containing animal feces, human waste and bacteria.

Captain Marc Reina, Commanding Officer of LAPD's Central Division, tweeted details and photos from the raid, adding, "The best price is not always the best deal!" Detective Rick Ishitani of the LAPD told the news station that the cosmetics' price reveals whether it is counterfeit or not. However, when you see your favorite products offered at 50% to 75% off (and not directly from the brand retailer), this is most likely a counterfeit. When their lab tested the contents, they discovered the products were full of shit - figuratively and literally. Even though numerous products looked exactly like their genuine counterparts, they tested positive for poop, bacteria and other products that definitely don't belong on a person's face. One of the latter, the Los Angeles Police Department, has been cracking down on knockoff makeup, and it's not just the amount of products they recently seized that's shocking - it's what was found in them.

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Ishitani told KABC that customers complained of getting bumps and rashes from products bought in Santee Alley. He added that legitimate cosmetic companies adhere to health and safety standards, which is costly. The complaints prompted the Anti-Piracy Unit to conduct undercover buys to test the products.

Officials arrested six people and the suspects will face charges of trademark violations of major brands.

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