Political ad men are dodging Facebook's new privacy rules

Political ad men are dodging Facebook's new privacy rules

Political ad men are dodging Facebook's new privacy rules

The compensation costs include the security provided at Zuckerberg's home and during travel and the expense incurred from his private air travel. Little wonder then that Zuckerberg embraced the idea of implementing "the right regulation" throughout his testimony, without hinting at what he considers the appropriate way to regulate Facebook.

Zuckerberg answered this with "I understand where that concern is coming from because Facebook and the tech industry are located in Silicon Valley, which is an extremely left-leaning place". Facebook had also launched a "Data Abuse Bounty" programme to reward people who report any misuse of data by app developers. The incident wiped off billions from Zuckerberg's wealth while Facebook's stock prices slumped in a week.

Zuckerberg was asked to testify primarily because of the huge data breach of Facebook customers obtained by the political research firm Cambridge Analytica.

That means if Facebook were to establish a subscription service, there would be a two-tiered system where some pay for privacy and others pay with their data. The company can also track people almost everywhere they go online, and it can see what apps people have installed on their phones. "Let me be clear, we do not share user data with advertisers".

"This kind of data collection is fundamental to how the internet works", Facebook said in a statement to Reuters.

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"As Facebook has grown into a global colossus that connects about a third of the globe, Zuckerberg has subsequently assumed a reputation as an aloof megalomaniac deeply out of touch with the people who use his product", he wrote for Vanity Fair in January. "You can go back home, spend $10 million on lobbyists and fight us, or you can go back home and help us solve this problem". Considering there were questions about how Facebook could sustain its business model without user payment, we can safely say that numerous committee members did not do their homework. Based on their patent applications, they're planning a heck of a lot more of the same.

Last week, when the Cambridge Analytica scandal was reported by the New York Times to have compromised more than 87 million accounts, Facebook's lax management was given a numerical value.

Facebook's stocks were also up during the hearings as well. "Now that advertisers are realising they can use this information, they are getting more aggressive about how they use it". There was one ad category they had, which was a person who likes to pretend to text in awkward situations.

But the questioning from members of Congress, most of whom are old enough to be the 33-year-old Zuckerberg's grandparents, was excruciating to watch. However, as users of Facebook, we understand our right to privacy.

Generally, the older Republicans seemed the softest on their questions, nearly so much so that you wondered if they even knew what they were talking about. Nor did we know much more about Facebook's missteps that allowed Russian Federation free rein to spread disinformation and propaganda to users. On account of the shadow profile, he has an instant association with Ali in Facebook's "Friend's You May Know" feature. In other words, it provides the truck for transport and is not responsible for the zombies, vampires and reptiles that climb on board. This merchandise, which we have all entrusted to Facebook, once broken, is not easily fixed. Zuckerberg would not admit he feels like a monopoly, but he couldn't name a true competitor. And, I would guess that for all the perceived slowness and outright denials he has been assiduously trying to manage all the flack around Facebook. Zuckerberg stopped well short of that, but expressed willingness to work with Senators on legislation. User privacy and innovation are more likely outcomes when companies compete for value creation in society, that being Facebook's 5th value.

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