Husband strangles his wife to death because she was addicted to Facebook

The Gender Equality Manifesto unveiling at Salt Cafe\'

The Gender Equality Manifesto unveiling at Salt Cafe\'

Riess, described as a 5-foot-5, 165-pound woman with brown eyes and blonde hair, was already accused of fatally shooting her husband, David, in Minnesota last month - then going on the run across the country.

Judy Tucker and her son are at the forefront of the video after they became slightly physical with the two women dressed in their service fatigues at the Cheddars restaurant in Macon, Georgia. The children killed were identified as 10-year-old Isabela Martinez, 7-year-old Dacota Romero, 2-year-old Axel Romero and 4-year-old Dillan Martin-Romero.

When he sent their two children - an eight-year-old girl and a ten-year-old boy - to boarding school because of the alleged negligence of his wife, he said her addiction worsened again. She was hospitalized but has since recovered. When they arrived on scene, they found the husband and four of the kids of Martinez dead.

She said "it all started because she was white and it was a race issue" - despite the fact it all started because Tucker couldn't tolerate someone not waiting for her to slowly park her vehicle and instead driving around to park in another parking spot.

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As reported by, Tucker told the cops a woman was taping her so she tried to grab the phone. "You do not have the right to take a picture of me!" When somebody doesn't like your own kiddies, you may tell. Tucker yells, and she and Robbie attempt to snatch the phone from one of the soldiers, pushing her in the process.

During an appearance in court a year ago, Martinez exhibited very unusual behavior. Before a bailiff requested her to take a seat down, she also knelt down on to the flooragain.

Martinez's lawyer entered not guilty pleas on all points in the indictment. No word on when she'll next appear in court.

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