MPs and celebrities launch campaign for a referendum on the Brexit deal

Today's data also shows the employment rate has hit a new all time high as 55,000 extra people were in work

Today's data also shows the employment rate has hit a new all time high as 55,000 extra people were in work

The British Government is not legally bound to seek MPs' approval for military strikes, although it is customary to do so.

Four UK Tornado fighter jets fired cruise missiles at a site in Homs province where chemical stockpiles are thought to have been stored, with a research base in Damascus also targeted by the coalition. Remember in the last couple of days she and her colleagues have been agonisingly careful to emphasise again and again that the strikes were tightly limited and specific in goal.

The Violations Documentation Centre (VDC), a research group based in Syria that documents violations of global law, believes that Bashar al-Assad regime forces are responsible for the chemical attack on April 7 that killed over 75 people and injured hundreds more.

Downing Street published its legal case for its part in the strikes, stating that the action was legally justified on humanitarian grounds.

He also argued the strikes meet global law standards for intervention as there was "no practical alternative" and the action was "the minimum judged necessary for that purpose".

Pointing to some of the evidence known to the OPCW council, Wilson said: "The OPCW has recorded more than 390 allegations of chemical weapons use in Syria since the fact-finding mission was established in 2014". "We have done it because we believe it was the right thing to do - and we are not alone". Nearly all have targeted opposition towns and cities.

May underlined that "a significant body of information - including intelligence - indicates the Syrian regime is responsible for this latest attack".

She went on to say that Britain "cannot allow the use of chemical weapons to become normalized either within Syria, on the streets of the United Kingdom, or elsewhere".

Russian Federation and Iran have condemned the attack but America's Vice President Mike Pence says this was the right action. She also argued that speed was of the essence and intervention could not wait.

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MPs, celebrities, and business leaders launched a campaign on Sunday to call for a vote on any final Brexit deal, stepping up a campaign to try to stop what they describe as the UK's damaging departure from the European Union.

Labour will lead a debate on Tuesday about Parliament's right to approve military action, or not.

In 2013, the Conservative government lost a vote on launching strikes on Syria following the Eastern Ghouta attack.

Last week's precision strike on Syrian military targets has been poorly-received by the British public. "And the Syrian military officials coordinated what appears to be the use of chlorine weapons". The mechanisms in place for this were not viewed stringent enough to ensure all these deadly weapons had been surrendered with inspectors relying on the blind trust of the regime.

Mr Corbyn called for a new War Powers Act "so governments do get held accountable to Parliament for what they do in our name".

May said the government had to act urgently and it has the right to act without consulting parliament.

That prompted calls for future debates on Syria.

May faced down her domestic critics as France's premier defended the "proportionate" response to the use of chemical weapons.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said she was setting up a task force to sort out the Caribbean immigrants' paperwork simply and for free, and promised that no one would be deported.

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