PUBG to get map selection option via upcoming update

PUBG to get map selection option via upcoming update

PUBG to get map selection option via upcoming update

PUBG players have long hoped for a map selection feature, and one is finally on the way.

Work on the feature is nearly complete, and we plan to release it soon after implementing it on the test server.

- You can select the maps you want to play with a click. Previously major game additions, like giving players the ability to vault over objects, spent a couple of weeks in the test servers before being deemed ready for prime time.

This would come as a relief for players who don't particularly like the desert map including myself as now the game randomly selects the map for players to play in and sometimes the desert map is selected multiple times in succession.

The Savage Map in PUBG is going to be changing a lot on the road to the full release. Following heavy data analysis, however, it appears that won't be the case. With our Custom Games server we really want to give fine grain control over what you can control in the game, and do it via UI so it's nearly like modding - I don't know if we could ever allow full modding because of security and privacy aspects that you have to consider - with "modding light" nearly with Custom Games, I really want to be able to give people a platform to create their own spins on battle royale or even other game modes that have nothing to do with battle royale.

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In an announcement on Steam, PUBG Corp aknowledge that the feature is "something that players all over the world have continuously asked for", but say that there were a few problems that they needed to work around. Assuming you're happy to play any of the maps the selection will still be random, so this is probably one of the ways matchmaking times are being controlled. At the current time, though, that shouldn't be a problem.

Based on player feedback, PUBG Corp has announced that a new map selection interface will be added to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in a future update.

Battlegrounds is now available for PC, Xbox One, Android and iOS.

What's been your favourite PUBG map so far?

The feature has been at the top of players' wishlists for months, especially as the game's second map, the desert playground Miramar, hasn't proved as popular with players as the original Erangel murder island.

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