Chinese tourists killed in North Korea traffic accident

Chinese tourists killed in North Korea traffic accident

Chinese tourists killed in North Korea traffic accident

Trump is the one who has made a significant concession by becoming the first sitting US president willing to meet with the leader of North Korea - an act that will inherently legitimize the ruler of the world's most despotic regime and feed its propaganda that even the world's sole superpower feels compelled to bow before its mighty nuclear arsenal.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Monday walked back President Donald Trump's claim the previous day that North Korea had "agreed to denuclearization" ahead of a planned meeting between Trump and North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un.

South Korea s military earlier switched off giant loudspeakers blasting messages toward the North s soldiers at the border, in a conciliatory gesture ahead of Friday s talks.

"What Kim means and what Trump means are two different things", Wendy Sherman, a former undersecretary of state who was North Korea policy coordinator under Bill Clinton, said in an interview.

That was when the United States embraced the Beijing government and withdrew troops and security guarantees from its longtime ally in Taiwan - a possible precedent, in North Korean eyes, for partial American withdrawal of support for South Korea.

In declaring a unilateral freeze in missile testing, North Korea appears ready to settle for now with an imperfect nuclear arms capability, one good enough to stoke fear in the United States but which can't promise to strike US targets reliably, experts say.

"We hope that our move today will result in South and North Korea ending mutual slandering and propaganda against each other and creating a peaceful new beginning", the ministry reportedly said in a statement. However, a final attempt by Bush to complete an agreement to fully dismantle North Korea's nuclear weapons program collapsed in December when the North refused to accept US -proposed verification methods.

Over the weekend, North Korea announced it would suspend nuclear tests and testing of intercontinental ballistic missiles. There is no more North Korea [nuclear threat] as an excuse [for deployment of THAAD]. Economic, military and diplomatic pressure helped bring the North Koreans to the table, but reaching a successful agreement will require carrots as well as sticks.

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"It is a green light that raises the chances of positive outcomes at the North's summits with South Korea and the United States".

Even more important is the pressing economic difficulties facing North Korea.

The two neighbours remain technically at war after the fighting ended with an armistice instead of a peace treaty, with tens of thousands of soldiers guarding the mine-infested land border.

Moon, who is preparing for a summit with Kim this month, remains popular but voters are suspicious of North Korea's intentions and some would certainly judge him harshly if he was seen to be rushing blindly into North Korea's embrace.

North Korea could also submit a list of facilities or equipment to be disabled or dismantled and then allow the United States to inspect disarmament procedures.

A further four North Koreans also died in the accident, according to Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang.

But doubts linger over whether North Korea has truly made a decision to change course after conducting six nuclear tests and pushing ahead with development of ICBMs that could reach the US mainland, given its history of broken promises over its nuclear and missile programs.

Seoul has said Kim expressed genuine interest in dealing away his nuclear weapons.

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