Avengers: Infinity War Flies Past the $900 Million Mark

OnePlus 6 Marvel Avengers Limited Edition Teaser Image Posted on Weibo

OnePlus 6 Marvel Avengers Limited Edition Teaser Image Posted on Weibo

It opens there on 11 May and will further boosting the film's collection.

"Avengers: Infinity War" should become the 33rd film to top the $1 billion worldwide box office mark during the upcoming weekend. Many in the world sees them as "Earth's Mightiest Heroes", but a selected few thinks of the Avengers as a team of super-powered vigilantes that needs to be put in check: leading to a civil war that led the Avengers go from united to divided with Team Iron Man and Team Cap.

Like most films, Avengers: Infinity War is available to pre-order at the price of $19.99 on Amazon Video.

By any measure, the 2-hour-and-40 minute-long Infinity War is one of the largest films ever assembled.

Typically, DC Universe characters including Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman and Batman rank higher than MCU superheroes but Pornhub's 2017 review revealed that the term "Avengers" and its characters were searched over six million times in 2017. It beat Aamir Khan's Dangal and Salman Khan's Kick in the process.

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Infinity War has been poised to be a massive success for a long time. Also on the list is Avatar, Titanic, and Jurassic World.

Avengers: Infinity War has broken several records but it failed to beat Padmaavat's opening weekend collection of Rs 114 core. Another Disney film, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", reached that mark in 12 days.

It is worth noting that such cash charges allow the film to circumvent the totals of such films as "Deadpool" (783,1 million dollars), the first part of "Guardians of the galaxy" (773,3 million dollars), "the New spider-Man" (758 million), as well as the films "X-Men: Days of future past" (748 million) and "suicide Squad" (747 million).

The latest Avengers installment (Rs 156.64 crore) failed to beat Padmaavat (Rs 166.50 crore), but still managed to become the second highest opening week grosser of 2018 in India.

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