Southwest Airlines plane with cracked window makes emergency landing in Cleveland

Tammie Jo Shults was called a hero for her calm reaction to the Southwest Airlines emergency landing

Tammie Jo Shults was called a hero for her calm reaction to the Southwest Airlines emergency landing

According to the Federal aviation administration of the United States, Boeing 737-700 flight 957, which flew from Chicago, Illinois, in Newark, new Jersey, extra sat in the airport the global of Cleveland, Ohio.

It added: 'The flight landed uneventfully in Cleveland.

A Southwest Airlines plane taxis at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Seattle.

Southwest Airlines had to make another emergency landing when a window tore open during a flight from Chicago to Newark - but this time the plane got down without any fatalities.

Southwest said the cabin did not lose pressure - which would have prompted oxygen bags to drop down - at any point, because there are "multiple layers of panes in each window".

After two incidents involving windows in a month, crisis-management expert Curtis Sparrer said Southwest's reputation could be tarnished if the carrier doesn't take bold action to assure passengers that its planes are safe. Passengers said they heard a popping sound, and they were moved quickly away from the window after it cracked.

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"Window on plane cracked during flight".

It was not immediately clear what caused the window to break.

The window appeared to have a large, jagged crack following the incident.

The emergency landing is the second in the last three weeks for Southwest.

The New Jersey-bound flight 957, which had taken off from Chicago, had to land in Cleveland and all passengers had to be transferred onto another aircraft for safety. The Federal Aviation Administration said it was investigating the incident.

The FAA said any additional details will come from the airline. The coated acrylic windows on Boeing 737 jets are made by United Kingdom -based GKN plc under contract for Spirit AeroSystems, which makes the jet's fuselage.

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