Why Parkland school shooting survivor is calling Trump a hypocrite

Why Parkland school shooting survivor is calling Trump a hypocrite

Why Parkland school shooting survivor is calling Trump a hypocrite

Trump also blasted "gun-free zones", saying that there is nothing "more inviting to a mass killer than a sign that declares this school is a gun-free zone, come in and take us". As part of a school safety agenda, he has also called on states to pass Extreme Risk Protection Order laws, under which citizens can petition a court to confiscate firearms temporarily from an individual who is considered a threat.

Trump's attendance at this year's NRA convention was announced just days ago and came after Vice-President Mike Pence already was scheduled to appear.

Trump's speech in Dallas was his fourth consecutive appearance at the NRA's annual convention.

In the past, some have cast doubt on the anecdotes he has used to tell disparaging stories about European capitals - for example, the identity of his friend "Jim", a wealthy American who apparently refuses to travel to Paris because of crime fears of whom the US president has spoken of several times, remains a mystery.

During a speech in Dallas in Texas on Friday, May 4, Trump reiterated his strong backing for the gun rights and commitment towards the mid-term elections.

DPD is "a police force that has lost too many heroes, but hasn't lost its will to protect and serve you" Trump said.

But he pledges that those rights "will never, ever be under siege as long as I'm your president".

"He ran as supposedly the best friend of the Second Amendment and has become gun grabber in chief", said Michael Hammond, legislative counsel to the Gun Owners of America.

United States President Donald Trump on Friday assured the members of National Rifle Association (NRA), an organisation advocating for gun rights, that he would protect their rights.

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Trump was under pressure after the February shooting, which has since been a source of inspiration for teens across the country to demand gun control reform, to rise to the occasion.

"We've had people calling and say they're going to shoot the place up, one that implied he would be burning us down today".

"Don't be complacent. Don't be complacent", Trump said. "And it would have been a whole different story", Trump said.

"President Trump, he follows the money".

However, some British journalists suspect Trump may have been referring an interview with Mark Griffiths, the lead surgeon at Barts Health NHS Trust in East London, that aired on the BBC on Thursday.

Donald Trump has fuelled fears of a knife crime epidemic in London by comparing a hospital in the city to "a war zone", with blood all over the floors.

Groves told BuzzFeed that he wanted to use the occasion of the NRA convention to ignite a discussion about ways to reduce gun violence. But he later backpedaled on that tough talk. They don't agree with NRA board member Ted Nugent saying that Democrats and liberals need to be shot in the street like dogs.

In a separate meeting with lawmakers following the shooting, Trump vowed to get tough on guns, potentially expanding background checks, taking guns away from the mentally ill, and raising the minimum age for purchase.

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