Destiny 2 Warmind DLC Available Tomorrow, File Size Revealed

Destiny 2 Warmind DLC Available Tomorrow, File Size Revealed

Destiny 2 Warmind DLC Available Tomorrow, File Size Revealed

Destiny 2 will be getting a major game mode update in the fall that will introduce a "whole new style of play", according to Activision president Cody Johnson. It packs in a variety of new content, including new weapons, armor, locations, Escalation Protocol mode, Spire of Stars Raid Lair, and more for players to check out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The Warmind expansion is available to download now, but players will not be able to log in until 2 p.m. EDT. This new expansion isn't that long in terms of story content, and it's roughly the same length as Curse of Osiris, which released late a year ago. Specifically, Destiny 2 Expansion II: Warmind will power up on May 8th, 2018 at 11:00am PDT/2:00pm EDT.

Destiny 2 has spent the bulk of the past few months gearing up for the release of the Warmind DLC, which releases today.

Furthermore, the new Warmind expansion was made possible by the help of devs over at Vicarious Visions. Warmind marks the second official expansion to the award-winning Destiny 2, and sequel to the critically acclaimed Destiny videogame.

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There's a little less than 24 hours to go until Destiny 2's latest batch of content drops (alongside Season 3 and a massive Exotic weapon tuning update).

If you want to own both the Warmind and the previous Curse of Osiris expansion, you can pick them up for $35. You can manually start the Escalation Protocol, but you'll first have to finish the campaign. There's new gear up for grabs by taking part-and an opportunity to use some new weapon types, as well as the returning Hive sword from the original Destiny.

Players can also look forward to the Spire of Stars, a new Raid on the Leviathan, the Will of the Thousands, Strange Terrain Strikes and The Insight Terminus Strikes, and the Meltdown and Solitude Crucible maps.

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