Flying cars get Uber boost from research pact with NASA

Flying cars get Uber boost from research pact with NASA

Flying cars get Uber boost from research pact with NASA

The CEO says Uber Air passengers will be able to request a trip via its smartphone app, then head to designated rooftop takeoff and landing sites for the ride. Early iterations will be piloted but eventually, Uber aims to let the aircraft fly autonomously.

Uber has targeted 2020 for eVTOL demonstrations in Dallas, Los Angeles and Dubai, the first three cities to partner with Uber on flying taxi feasibility and infrastructure studies.

Embraer unveiled its first eVTOL aircraft concept at the Uber Elevate conference in Los Angeles on 8 May. Uber must stop self-driving vehicle service in SF until it gets permitThe flying taxis would use helicopter-style rotors for takeoff and landing, but use fixed wings over longer distances.

Uber officials have said the company wants to have flying rideshare vehicles in some cities within the next two years.

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"These concepts are neutral ground that Uber has put together, so we can share insights with all our partners."
To this end, the agency is leveraging ongoing aeronautics research in areas including: Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) traffic management at low altitude; UAS integration in the National Airspace System; all-electric, general aviation class aircraft development; vertical take-off and landing aircraft; system-wide safety; and more. The vehicles will feature one door on one side of the aircraft to make ground operations easier, according to Wired. Uber said it has entered into real estate partnerships with Hillwood Properties and Sandstone Properties to develop such sky ports.

For now, the concept vehicle is slated to have a cruising speed of between 150 miles per hour and 200 miles per hour, Uber said in a statement.

Uber has revealed its latest model - a generic design that aircraft makers can use as a starting point for planes that will qualify to run on the UberAir network.

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