Privacy experts: European Union changes will help consumers indirectly, push Canada to follow

Business Bytes      Only 5% of companies claim to be ready for GDPR
       By avondhupress

Business Bytes Only 5% of companies claim to be ready for GDPR By avondhupress

He said they will be able advise on the practical aspects of compliance as well as how the GDRP will interact with the data privacy and protection laws and regulations in place in specific countries, like the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) in South Africa.

Any business which regularly or systematically monitors data on a large scale must employ a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to ensure that the company complies with the GDPR obligations. It will prescribe a standardized law for data protection across all European Union member states, differing from the Data Protection Directive, which required member states to transpose the requirements of the Directive into national law, resulting in similar but different data protection standards and levels of enforcement across the EU.

As an early partner with the Microsoft Information Protection SDK team, BigID will enable Azure Information Protection customers to use labels and sublabels for GDPR related policies based on privacy parameters like data subject, residency and data risk.

The rise of the cloud means that many European enterprise organisations are struggling to stay GDPR compliant with an average of more than 600 apps in use. Beyond these steps, companies had to consider vendor management policies, review data breach/incident reporting programs, as well as risk assessments for privacy compliance and data security.

Do you have processes in place to enable people to move, copy or transfer their personal data from your organisation to another, as it is their right under GDPR? In most cases, USA companies already complying with existing data security guidelines are in good shape, but not necessarily out of the woods. So how do you protect your company's important data from malicious employees?

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The ability to aggregate this data from disparate sources is an essential component in the new financial regulatory environment, and there is an easy way to bring all these silos of data together to become GDPR compliant and improve overall data processes.

"Under the new laws, requests from individuals to exercise their rights over their personal data must be answered within one month". Some companies have already started sharing their GDPR compliance efforts.

In the European Union, personal data is protected just because it is personal data regardless of the use.

It is widely recognised that customers' personal data must be given greater protection than existing regulation has previously allowed for. You need to ensure that you offer individuals genuine choice and options, and do not use consent as a precondition to use your services. African businesses that collect, process, or store personal data about European citizens and residents will need to comply even if they don't have a direct presence on the continent; even more so if they are Small & Medium Businesses (SMEs).

Since then, the data management company has expanded services to include secure storage of physical client files and also digitizing client documents for clients seeking to store and manage information digitally.

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