Trump losing patience with the Rudy Show; Update: About to be benched?

Trump grows frustrated with Giuliani as Stormy drama rages on

Trump grows frustrated with Giuliani as Stormy drama rages on

In his latest interviews, the newly minted Trump lawyer has adopted a posture of impenetrable epistemological modesty - there's nothing he knows about the case, or can possibly learn about it anytime soon.

President Donald Trump is growing increasingly irritated with lawyer Rudy Giuliani's frequently off-message media blitz, which has included muddying the waters on hush money paid to porn actress Stormy Daniels and making claims that could complicate the president's standing in the special counsel's Russian Federation probe.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, now President Donald Trump's personal attorney, has reportedly fallen out of favor with Trump after a stunning media blitz last week, according to a Politico report published on Monday.

"It seems to me that the approach last week of the Trump team plays into the hands of Mueller's tactic to try, at any cost, to try to find technical violations against lower-ranking people so that they can be squeezed", said Dershowitz.

Of course his attorneys prefer that, because they know that when Trump starts talking, he starts lying.

Giuliani maintained Sunday that the payment can't be considered an in-kind campaign contribution because there was another explanation for it. "But everybody knows that, and he gives us great encouragement that we've finally gotten on the offensive".

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In response, Scarborough discounted their intelligence, saying, "They're not that smart", and cited how Trump thought Giuliani drank too much and fell asleep during meetings.

"I think I know what's going on", Kimmel said. "He's very comfortable with the strategy we're pursuing". We are in a cultural situation today where I don't care what people are doing in their bedroom, public officials or non-public officials. In briefings and media appearances, however, White House aides have sought to avoid staking out a clear position on the matter, directing reporters to Trump's own comments. Giuliani recently came aboard, while John Dowd has resigned and Ty Cobb, who is spearheading Trump's defense from within the White House, plans to leave by the end of May.

As Giuliani sprays perfume, Trump cops a feel and motorboats Giuliani's breasts.

Daniels' lawyer, Michael Avenatti, called the comment "a stunning revelation". He did not rule out the possibility that Cohen had paid off other women.

Giuliani shocked the political world when he said last week that Trump had reimbursed his fixer, Michael Cohen, for the payout to the porn star. If he has to say that, yeah, this guy is pretty bad, he's crappy, then that means you had poor judgment at one point in your life.

Giuliani also suggested that he wants to wait until after Trump returns from a summit with North Korea on denuclearization to prepare the President for an interview with Mueller.

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