GOP Senate primaries set the stage for November elections

GOP Senate primaries set the stage for November elections

GOP Senate primaries set the stage for November elections

Joe Donnelly (D-IN) this fall, a crucial battle for Senate control.

"Tonight, Hoosiers spoke loud and clear - they want a conservative outsider representing them in the U.S. Senate and I am grateful to have their support", Mr. Braun said after winning the in primary.

Both Donnelly and Braun said Wednesday said they would aim for a campaign focused on issues but acknowledged the overall campaign will be hard-fought.

The former state lawmaker secured victory in the primary in part by fending off attacks over his voting history - Braun cast Democratic ballots in primary elections for decades but asserts he's a lifelong Republican. Third District Rep. Jim Banks (R), though unopposed, officially earned the nomination to keep his congressional seat Tuesday night.

Republicans in IN and West Virginia will settle two bitter Senate primary fights today, with hopes that the nominees will not be too battered to take down vulnerable Democratic incumbents in November and secure the slim GOP Senate majority.

"I don't think that the folks from the 3rd District, the most conservative, most Republican congressional district in the State of in are ready for that kind of politics", Shine said.

In all three states, voters picked Republican nominees to take on some of the most vulnerable incumbent Senate Democrats in this year's midterm elections.

Braun vastly outspent his opponents on the race, running ads highlighting his business record and one particularly effective spot with cardboard cutouts of Messer and Rokita where he asked voters if they could tell one from the other (spoiler alert: they couldn't). Richard Ojeda, a populist Democrat who made a name for himself during the teacher's strike has generated a lot of enthusiasm in the race to replace Jenkins in the House.

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DeWine, Ohio's attorney general and a former US senator, dispatched Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor, who ran a hard-core conservative campaign, by a comfortable 60/40 margin.

IN congressmen Luke Messer and Todd Rokita will be without an elected office job at the end of the year.

Donnelly, a moderate Democrat, was elected in 2012.

Throughout the campaign, Braun portrayed himself as a Trump supporter and even a Trump-like character-an outsider, a businessman who wants to go to Washington to drain the swamp. Rokita said he will continue to fight for the people of Indiana. He also has a master's degree in economics from the Harvard Business School before serving three years in the Indiana House of Representatives from 2013 to 2017.

Messer now represents the state's sixth congressional district and has served in the Indiana House of Representatives from 2003-2006, and he is also a former Executive Director of the state GOP.

IN uses an open primary system, meaning that voters are not required to register with a party to vote in a party primary. A Republican National Committee official representing Indiana, John Hammond III, said at one point: "This race has slowly but surely descended into Dante's Inferno".

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who helped create the CFPB, has campaigned for him.

Leading up to the election, Braun was billed as more of an outsider than his opponents.

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