Trump congratulates Republicans after a night of successful primaries

President Donald Trump arrives for a roundtable discussion on tax reform in White Sulpher Springs West Virginia on Apr

President Donald Trump arrives for a roundtable discussion on tax reform in White Sulpher Springs West Virginia on Apr

In subsequent elections, GOP primary voters tossed out centrists willing to compromise with Democratic President Barack Obama such as former Indiana Senator Richard Lugar and Utah Senator Bob Bennett. James Renacci clinched his nomination with the support of the president.

"Thanks for playing", the tweet read. In a series of ads, Blankenship attacked McConnell's Chinese in-laws and labeled the powerful Kentucky Republican "Cocaine Mitch" after accusing him of connections to the drug trade. Last night, Kucinich was the candidate who most resembled Sanders (Turner, along with the progressive actor Danny Glover, campaigned for Kucinich this week) and Blankenship the one most similar to Donald Trump.

In the Democratic primary, Manchin received about 70 percent of the votes in his race against Paula Jean Swearengin.

It marked a good night for the GOP establishment, yet a bad night for sitting Republican members of the House. That has spurred them to wage an urgent campaign to hold the Senate to protect Trump and his agenda next year. Braun ran in Trump's mold, deriding the "swamp" and using his more traditional opponents as foils.

Most of the districts represented in Tuesday's House primary races are considered safe for Republicans.

In a possible sign of party unrest, however, Rep. Robert Pittenger lost in North Carolina to the Rev. Mark Harris, a Baptist pastor he narrowly beat two years ago. With nearly all of the vote tallied, he trailed Mark Harris, a former Baptist pastor in Charlotte, and conceded the race.

President Donald Trump touted the success of the three Republicans who won their state primaries Tuesday night. Because of that conviction, most Republican operatives saw Blankenship as unelectable. He has tweeted against Blankenship and stood beside Renacci at a campaign rally, proving that despite controversies regarding his alleged collusion with Russian Federation and affair with a adult film star, his grip on his base is still firm. Joe Donnelly will face off in November against Braun, a multimillionaire owner of a national auto parts distribution business who loaned more than $5.4 million of his own money to his campaign. Luke Messer and Todd Rokita, as creatures of Washington. Rokita has been traveling the state with a cardboard cutout of the president and introduced a resolution to end special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation probe.

West Virginia and IN represent two of the Republican Party's best chances to bolster its Senate majority IN November.

Fears about nominating a candidate outside the mainstream escalated in recent weeks, particularly in West Virginia.

Blankenship's claim to be "Trumpier than Trump" - and the conspiracy theories and outlandish accusations he seemed to back that claim up with - didn't serve him well with voters in the end. But after Roy Moore's collapse in Alabama last December, party leaders didn't want to deal with Blankenship's baggage.

Republicans escaped disaster in West Virginia on Tuesday when Don Blankenship finished third in the Senate primary. A spokeswoman said Morrisey was "emphatically" accepting the nomination.

"Everyone knows the Don Blankenship story", Jenkins said dismissively. And Morrisey is the better man anyway.

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"We are conceding the election", Blankenship said bluntly, before reflecting on his run and why people shouldn't feel sorry for him. "Vote Rep. Jenkins or A.G. Morrisey!", he wrote. I really don't think so. There is no doubt that he was responsible for that mine accident.

"I have no control over [an endorsement] whatsoever", Manchin said.

"We certainly are going to be competitive, yeah", McConnell said.

There was no love lost between McConnell and Blankenship.

In one of Blankenship's campaign advertisements, he had referred to McConnell as "Cocaine Mitch", a remark he later defended in a press release.

He has called McConnell's father-in-law, who was born in China, a "wealthy China person" and called out his "China family". She immigrated to the United States from Taiwan as a child.

The U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration reported in December 2011 factors in the fatal explosion included intimidation of workers and advance notice of inspections. "There's no race. Races are negro, white caucasian, Hispanic, Asian".

Blankenship, the former CEO of Massey Energy who until recently was serving a yearlong sentence for a misdemeanor conviction over his involvement in the deadliest United States mine explosion in four decades, spent millions of his own money on the race, going up with television ads even before he was a candidate.

Blankenship said Trump's unusual late plea for voters to support anyone but him most likely made the difference.

Braun will take on Sen. To find a sitting politician who so forcefully impressed himself upon the imaginations of Americans one would have to look back to Franklin Roosevelt. The average of publicly released polls had Lamb up by less than 3 points, and he won by fewer than 1,000 votes.

But the highest-profile races there were about replacing outgoing Gov. John Kasich. Voters on Tuesday decided the match-ups for the state's 13 House seats.

In Ohio, where liberal Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown is another top Republican target, U.S. Representative Jim Renacci won the battle for the Republican Senate nomination over Cleveland-area investment banker Michael Gibbons.

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