Twitter's Android APK Reveals A "Secret Conversation" Feature

Twitter may be tinkering with encrypted direct messages

Twitter may be tinkering with encrypted direct messages

It also suggests that Twitter may shortly compete directly with services like Facebook-possessed WhatsApp, which allows one off and set conversations with end to end encryption. Unfortunately this has resulted in apps and services raising the ire of several governments.

It is being reported that a user named Jane Manchun Wong has recently spotted a latest "secret conversation" feature in the code of a Twitter APK.

If encrypted messaging on Twitter is going to take off, then the platform will need to make it as easy and convenient as WhatsApp has done in order to ensure that all its users benefit from it, and not just the privacy conscious ones.

Since the internet privacy is the hottest topic out there, it is a good move by the company to adopt more privacy oriented features. However based on this discovery, it seems that Twitter could now be actually actively doing something about it.

End-to-end encryption allows users to directly message each other without any third party being able to snoop on the conversation.

Twitter plans to integrate a new feature into the app. But it shows a small notification, which says Secret Conversation.

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Twitter might borrow a feature from popular messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Skype.

As regulators criticise both social media companies and the widespread availability of encryption for the challenges they allegedly present to public safety, Twitter's decision to roll-out secret messaging may invite more criticism.

End-to-end encryption is a way of encoding messages, enabling only the authorised users, the person sending and the person receiving the message to read it.

It should be noted that Twitter now transmits direct messages in plain text.

The feature, dubbed "Secret conversation", now isn't quite so secret thanks to TechCrunch. This feature also comes after Edward Snowden, the well known leaker, asked Twitter's CEO, Jack Dorsey, whether they could introduce this feature. Dorsey noted at the time that it was "reasonable and something we'll think about".

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