As Israel turns 70, plight of Palestinians acknowledged (Letters)

Ides of May

Ides of May

CBS News correspondent Holly Williams said their anger and frustration was plain to see.

Friday's killings raised to 53 the death toll of unarmed Palestinian protesters who have lost their lives by Israeli forces' live fire since protests began along the Gaza border on March 30.

18 others received bullet wounds in the protests, the ministry said. Today the Nakba continues as Israeli settlements in the West Bank swallow up whatever land and resources were left to the Palestinians in 1948.

Palestinian refugees and their descendants now number several million people in the region, including more than two million in Jordan.

A Palestinian is taken away by stretcher after being wounded by Israeli occupation forces while he was taking part in the "Great March of Return" in Khan Yunis, Gaza on 11 May 2018.

Hundreds of people rallied in front of Israel's embassy in London to protest the 70th anniversary of Israel's establishment - an event Arabs refer to as "The Nakba" or "The Catastrophe".

Hamas' leader in the Gaza Strip, Yehiye Sinwar, compared the protesters to a "starving tiger" and warned that thousands could try to burst through the border fence into Israel next week.

Israeli human rights group B'Tselem has urged Israeli soldiers to refuse orders to open fire on the protesters.

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In his first meeting with foreign press since taking office previous year, Sinwar said residents of blockaded Gaza are so desperate their actions are impossible to predict.

The 1949 Armistice Line, aka Green Line, has largely set the global parameters for the borders between Israel and the Palestinians.

Palestinian paramedics carry a wounded man during clashes on the Gaza-Israel border, 11-05-2018.

According to Palestinian news agency Maan, the other Palestinian was killed in Jabaliya in the northern Gaza Strip.

Tens of thousands are expected to gather along the border, with many expected to try to breach the fence. "What's the problem with that?" he said.

His decision infuriated the Palestinians, who declared that Washington could no longer play a role as a mediator in the so-called Middle East peace process.

It has accused Hamas of using the protests as a cover to attack the border, insisting it has a right to protect it.

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