Deadpool apologies to David Beckham for that joke in the first movie

Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2

With precisely seven days left until Deadpool 2's theatrical release, the 20th Century Fox marketing machine is operating at a mile a minute.

Reynolds told Entertainment Weekly in a previous interview that "Logan" will not hinder his chances of doing a crossover with Wolverine, but was adamant that Jackman will return to play the character.

Do you remember the Ryan Reynolds/Sandra Bullock film The Proposal?

Speaking on Good Morning America, Jackman let Ryan Reynolds know he is coming on a little strong and to ease up on the courting.

The war of words between Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman rumbles on for yet another round, and this time it's the Aussie actor Hugh sending for his Canadian counterpart. The first screenings took place last night and have answered the usual hot question heading into theaters: is there a post-credits scene?

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In the first Deadpool movie, Deadpool insults the former soccer player in one of the film's hilarious scenes. If you love any of those "failures", then go for it, even I don't think Blade: Trinity is all that bad.

Uproxx's Mike Ryan added, "I didn't like the first Deadpool". It is expected that the Merc with a Mouth's upcoming film will gross around a huge $150 million in its opening weekend, more than the first film that launched to $132.4 million in February 2016.

Since retiring from football in 2013, the 43-year-old has earned acting credits for roles in The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Outlaws, H&M's The Road Trip and King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword. You are one of my best friends. Blake [Lively, Reynolds' wife], the fam, the whole thing.

Struggling (jokingly) to admit it, Jackman said, "I am going to say this once and then delete it quickly: Deadpool 2 is a work of genius. It's too much; it's not sexy".

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